Sunday, December 04, 2005

My toofuses

Awww, my poor jaw. Tomorrow I get three wisdom teeth yanked--at the ripe old age of 36.5. The one on the bottom right has finally started coming in, and is pushing other teeth aside. The top right grew in years ago, but sideways, and the top left, which grew in fine, has broken and hurts like a motherfucker from time to time. The bottom left was pulled five years back.

So I go under the chisel tomorrow at 1pm; I'm actually excited because I'm so bored at work that 3 days off at any price is a great thing. Also exciting--painkillers. Typically I throw that shit in the toilet--I don't even like Tylenol--but there's a black market for Percodan here amongst the Aunties. $10 a pill!


Anonymous said...

you poor bastard. be sure to wear a black t-shirt or something so the doctor's footprint isn't visible on your chest afterward from getting leverage to rip bone out of your skull.

seriously, good luck

- el poeta

geoff said...

I don't mind the surgery--it's the not chewing for three days I'm looking forward too.

geoff said...

Y muchas gracias....

Me plazco siempre oír del poeta.