Thursday, December 01, 2005

Arrivederci, travel plans

When I was offered this Liberry gig I was told I could only take vacation in January and August because I work M-Th 1-10pm shifts and Sundays, and covering those hours would be problematic for other staff. Outside of the academic calendar the Liberry typically closes Sundays and stays open 8-5 only, freeing me to leave.

I've just been informed however that the Liberry will now be open nights and Sundays through January, and one of my vacation windows has closed. Now I'm depressed. Since this is a State position, I earn a good deal of vacation, and suddenly I have only a three-week period in August where I'm allowed to use it, which confines any international travel options to the most expensive time of the year. Ok, I'm not only depressed, but pissed.

Fortunately there are staff here who've already volunteered to cover for me if I decide to take a January trip anyway, and I just might. If I don't get away for a while I'm going to start throwing my cataloging into the recycling bin instead of processing it. Plus, the traveling jones is hitting hard. I've got a lot of globe to cover before I die.

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Nick said...

That sucks--you've had the time and $$ to travel wisely and have used it in the past instead of squandering it like so many others do (cruises, Disney...)