Sunday, November 06, 2005


Things were looking bleak for yours truly at Yahtzee's semi-annual poker night last eve. I'd started with $10 in chips, donated $2 to BroJ to keep him solvent, and had watched my stack get whittled down to about $2.50. I couldn't buy a good hand, and was folding rather often early--this got frustrating and I tried to bluff my way into a few pots but Ronaldo and A-Ron saw trough me and took me down to the edge. BroJ was cashing in on a few pots, Yahtzee was raking well, and T. and I were financing the others.

Then A-Ron called a hand of Texas Hold 'em on his deal, and laid out a shitty run of low cards. Miraculously, I had the exact two necessary to turn that shitty run into a straight, and I played it right, betting conservatively and then more aggressively as everyone with a pair of 6s or 2s had invested too much to bail. A single pot brought me almost $8, I won a couple more smaller rakes, and I ended the evening up $2.50 (including the $2 I gave BroJ).

A fun night. I felt so badly for poor T. after her kind treatment of me at Risk last time. How wrong to take her money...heh heh heh.

Just before poker we took Dad out for his 75th birthday--a good chunk of our Brady-esque clan showed. The niece and nephew are becoming so adult that I can't stand it. Got to meet Pork Heaven's new gal Gina--she's a serious runner, a serious drinker, and a surgery nurse at Walter Reed. Every day she assists in the reconstruction of IED-fragmented GIs. Pork Heaven continues his streak of interesting hotties; but now he's looking for a baby-making mate and she might not be ready (rather ironic given the fact that he's lost several great women because HE wasn't ready to settle down). More to come, I'm sure.

Tomorrow I'm up at 6am to help BroJ chop down a dead tree at my father-in-law's. How I get myself into such situations is beyond me.