Sunday, November 20, 2005

Le Weekend

First things first--congratulations to Earthdragon and Damnyelli whose baby boy arrived Friday, weighing in at 8lbs and 1oz. I've seen pictures--it won't be long before Sion is nursing on a Guiness.

Friday I assisted BroJ again as he split the large oak remnants at my father-in-law's. We put in a good 6 hours splitting and hauling that monster. On Saturday I couldn't even bend my arms at the elbow because my biceps were burning!

Friday night I caught a wee beastie on a glue trap. He was so cute I couldn't bring myself to smash him as I'd done to his ma two days earlier (she was mired in the La Brea glue pit to the point I couldn't save her; I had to put her out of her misery), so I took the gluetrap outside, offered him the tine of a fork which he promptly bit, and then I pulled him gently off of the glue, at which point he became stuck to the fork. I took the fork inside again (big mistake) intending to try and clean the glue off his back leg and release him outdoors, and of course he freed himself in the kitchen sink, leapt up on the counter, and then Cha and I created our own Tom and Jerry cartoon as we chased him back and forth across the counter, moving pots, pans, strainers, spice bottles, knick-knacks, Tupperware containers, spatulas, gloves, towels, a knife rack, and sundry bits of produce (garlic, chili peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, chives) as things progressed. Then, tiring of this back-and-forth, the mouse jumped onto my shirt, ran down my pantsleg, then under the stove, at which point I pulled the stove out and we had a huge disorganized mess at the end, but our quarry escaped.

I think he's earned the right to inhabit 2 York Road. I found under the sofa in our living room an old slipper filled with candy wrappers--I think this was his luxury condo.

Saturday we saw a movie, we did some major housecleaning, we went to Target and bought an iron and a coffee maker and some clothes, we ate at Thai Restaurant, and then we went to some Nicarauguan solidarity event at St. John's Church. Cha wanted to go for the dinner, the testimonials, and the hot Latin band. I agreed to attend the event from the hot Latin band on, but couldn't bear the idea of two hours of testimonials in between food and dancing--so we got there at ten, paid our donation at the door, and the hot Latin band turned out to be some DJ spinning Latin hip-pop tunes on a CD player that kept skipping because the dancers danced too close to his table. Ugh. Some extremely attractive Romanian blonde with '80s Pat Benatar hair and furry boots told me I was sexy and that I looked just like her brother (!), and continued purring at me even after meeting my wife. When I first noticed her dancing I'd thought she was hitting on Virginia Monologues, who--though she's Korean--was thought by all the Nicarauguans to be one of them.

Every time I go to St. John's Church for an event I meet freaky fucking people. They ran out of beer and wine before I could get drunk enough to dance, but I danced anyway for the last couple of tunes and helped put chairs away. I also bought a really nice shirt. The mayor of Limay is one crazy chiquita!