Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Profoundly Silly

The first time I saw Stardust Memories I think I'd only seen one Bergman film, and I'd seen no Fellinis. As a result I didn't "get" it--I found Allen's film a bit silly but beautifully shot; re-visiting it after seeing most of Bergman and Fellini enhanced my appreciation, but not my assessment.

I admire Allen for being driven to make more significant art, and for daring to make a film about the conflict between producing marketable goofball comedies and heavy philosophical fare. And lampooning one's own ego and the predilections of one's audience is a ballsy approach. There's much of worth in Stardust Memories, from the opening Bergman nod to the continual 8 1/2 references, but like the aliens who mock Allen's morose quest for meaning near the end of his film, I still think Sleeper is better.

Side note: WTF is up with the scene joking about daddy/daughter sexual attraction? Those jokes aren't quite so funny in retrospect!