Monday, November 07, 2005

Travelin' Jones

The wanderlust is accute now--aside from that weekend in Toronto in July and five days in Honduras last January, I haven't been out of the USA for a substantial period in over a year.

Expedia brings good tidings--in January there are really great deals to Mexico, Prague, Florence, Madrid, Budapest, Istanbul (all include air and hotel for 7 nights and are less than $740 per person). I'd like to get 10 days away to see Yucatan Mayan sites or drink good beer in cafes. Unfortunately Cha has just started at her new job and she might have to hold off until next year. I can only take time off outside the academic calendar (January and August), so that would suck. I've got two weeks' time saved up and it's burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe I'll ditch the Mrs. and go get baked in Vancouver, or do a hiking tour in Peru.

Looks like France is out, but I've been seen much of that country from Cherbourg to Strasbourg and north--I'll catch the south later. Would like another Alpine trip, but not in January.

Ugh. Too many options.