Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I sent off two résumés today--one for a cataloger's position at another local State of MD system liberry, and another to the Library of Congress for a Tech Writer position.

Virtually all résumés I send out vanish into the ether, and it's no wonder, given that I'm again applying for jobs for which I have limited qualifications. But I'm to the point that this comfy sinecure is bringing me down. The hours suck, and though it's damnably convenient to walk to work I simply can't take the boredom. I could do this job on smack. In fact, any primate could do this job on smack. And Aunty Clod visits me daily with a litany of personal woes that are dragging me down. I need new co-workers to complain about.

Plus, I quit teaching to get away from undergrad idiocy, and at the Service Desk I encounter it daily. Last night:

Young Jersey Girl [to Oona]: Do you, like, have feminist or women's studies journals?

Oona: Sure. There are some that start with W over in the Current section.

Me [winking at Oona]: What type of "feminist" journal do you need?

Young Jersey Girl: You know, like, um, Cosmo, or Vogue.

Me: We don't carry those.

Oona [as YJG slinks off, twirling her hair and popping gum]: Oh my God, how did you know to ask her that? I had no idea!

Me: Years of bookstore experience, and extensive first-hand experience of undergraduate cluelessness.

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