Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My wife, God bless her

Today I woke at 10am and while preparing coffee noticed the answering machine was blinking. I pressed the red button and there was my wife's voice: "I need a big fava. Your wife is a ditz! Call me when you wake up."

As I dialed Cha's work number, I ran down the List of Recurring Possibilities:

1) I left my wallet at Giant/Superfresh/Rite Aid/Target and they're holding it. Can you pick it up and bring it to me before you go to work?

2) I locked my keys in the car. (Occasional variants: a) I locked my keys in the car with the engine running. b) I locked my keys in the car with the engine off but the lights are on. c) I locked myself in the car, and the keys are outside.)

3) I left the_______ and need you to bring it to me before you go to work. (laptop, computer disc, cellphone, digital camera, etc)

4) I think I left___________ (the iron on, the stove on, the toaster oven on, the water running).

But today was a totally new and unexpected one: "I went to the University branch of SECU to deposit my check at the machine. I took out two deposit envelopes by mistake, put my check in one, filled the other one out, and deposited the empty one. I put the other one with my check back in the rack and somebody found it and called me. Can you drop by the Dowell Health Center and ask for Keisha? She's holding it for you."

She's left her ATM card in the machine before and had money withdrawn by the person in line behind her (a few hundred bucks down the tubes), but to my knowledge she's never done this with her paycheck (mostly because her old job had direct deposit).

Thank God for Keisha!