Thursday, November 03, 2005

Allow me to vent

I'm feeling a bit alienated from my labor right now.

One of the items in my job description is to order videos and computer programs for academic departments. Each department at the university gets a chunk of Liberry budget to add to our catalog; as these requests come in I spend the money. I also research and find replacement copies for lost and stolen books (I actually enjoy doing that).

I spend thousands of dollars of MD taxpayers hard-earned money each month.

On Friday last week somebody left an urgent request on my chair for a DVD order to be overnighted. This is really bad because I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays, and a RUSH order should be taken care of immediately. Had the dumbass who put this order on my chair thought ahead, the disaster unfolding today wouldn't have happened.

I got this urgent request Sunday, placed the order online via overnight UPS immediately, and called the vendor Monday morning to ensure it would arrive by Tuesday PM. A faculty member presenting at a major conference needs this DVD TOMORROW, so I thought overnighting it last Monday-Tuesday would be fine.


The DVD which was to arrive Tuesday hasn't shown up yet. I called the vendor today, and they traced the package, and it was signed for at the Circ Desk Tuesday by another employee (we'll call her dumbass #2). I think: "Shew, at least it's here." I called Dumbass #2 who says "I just sign the slip, I don't touch the packages." I asked her what happened to it. "The UPS man left them there." Where? "On the Circ Desk." So Dumbass #2 signed for the package and left it on the counter where anyone could grab it. I ran up to Circ and they said "We probably put it in campus mail." That was two days ago. Campus mail has delivered, it's not here.

Now this urgently needed DVD, which cost $45 to overnight, is here in the building, but nobody knows where. All because of Dumbass #1 on Friday, the dumbass UPS dude who was too lazy to walk my package back to the department expecting it, and Dumbass #2 who couldn't be troubled to actually receive the package and put it on the sort table instead of just signing the slip and ignoring it.