Thursday, November 03, 2005

Current Musical Obsessions

On a tip from Neal I checked this out of the Liberry and burned it. Or, I should say, it burned me. Flies higher than Daedelus. Interesting rhythmic changes, stoccato bursts of orange and red. Percussion and piano are fucking sublime, but this language is grammatically challenging. In comparison, A Love Supreme feels quaint, and I love A Love Supreme.

My first Stones vinyl upgrade. Not a bit dated. Makes me feel jangly, like a bad jones. I need more.

Fuck you! This album is great.

Not a vinyl upgrade, but a *gulp* 8-track upgrade. Needed to hear Neil's "Expecting to Fly" again. Of course, "For What it's Worth" is one of the Top 25 Songs I Never Need to Ever Hear Again, but I can skip track one when I put this on.

Speaking of Neil, I've devoted the last couple of years to filling out gaps in my collection. Zuma rocks in classic Crazy Horse fashion, with those slow three-chord tube amp jams and the guitar solos I can feel in my teeth. Mix in a couple country folk ballads for effect. Love it.

Another Yahtzee gift. Mallow with a capital marsh; very engaging songster/sensitive New Age Guy.

B. slipped me this appealingly bleak disc of anti-love tunes. Nicely balances LaMontagne.