Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Unraveling

I've been breathless with anticipation before at the thought the Bush Admin would at last sink under the weight of scandal, only to have my dreams fade to oblivion. Thus, there's an instinctual reluctance to get all giddy now.

But things look damn good, don't they?

Torture wasn't just "a few bad apples" after all? Well, most of us knew that--even my rightwing friends knew that, but they LIKE torture.

Rove's (literally?) headed for the hot seat.

These polls are the best yet; I'd like to see Chris Matthews continue calling Bush "a popular president" or "beloved" with these digits on his desk.


  • Rove in jail
  • Rummy fired
  • Santorum gone!
  • an 06 sweep