Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meet the Feebles

I was a fan of Peter Jackson before The Lord of the Rings because of Heavenly Creatures and Dead Alive (also called Brain Dead). Hell, I even liked The Frighteners. I'd heard salacious whisperings about Meet the Feebles for years, and now that Jackson is a billionaire Netflix is stocking his old catalog so I got to see it.

Basically this is a Muppet Show parody, and in Jackson's perverse imagination, Muppets are like any other celebrities. The Kermit character is a heroin addict who justifies his addiction because he was a POW in 'nam (my absolute favorite part of this film is the frog's flashback to the war and a riotous send-up of The Deer Hunter featuring puppets). The Miss Piggy clone is a hippo who binges on pastries and can't satisfy her man any longer--he cheats on her with a bit of pussy cat on the side (yes, we get several puppet fuck scenes) and eventually she goes postal. There's a rat (I believe it's the same "rat monkey" puppet from the beginning of Dead Alive) who films sadistic Muppet pornos in the basement of the theater; there are gangsters and drug dealer puppets; there are scenes of puppet bestiality and oral and anal sodomy; and lots of blood and guts, gratuitous puppet nudity, and even puppet money shots.

Out of the seven Pete Jackson films I've seen, this is by far the worst--that doesn't mean it's not worth viewing of course. Just keep the kids away from it.

BTW, I saw a teaser for Jackson's King Kong. Hold on to your hats, it looked fucking awesome!