Sunday, July 24, 2005


I waited for months for Netflix to deliver this--and it was worth the wait indeed! Sure, Finding Neverland is sweet enough to cause Type II diabetes, but it's the best film of its kind since Topsy Turvy and features two of my very favorite actors, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

Depp is ageless. He looks, in fact, younger than he did 15 years ago. His performance is perfect, and requires him to ping between staid Victorian and 6-year-old revved up on pixie dust. Not a problem for one of the greats of his generation. Winslet is of course spectacular as always, as is Dustin Hoffman and that chick from Trainspotting whose name I always forget in the role of the actress who first plays Peter Pan.

The kids in this film are exquisitely good. Cha and I fell right in, and I didn't think about terror or Iraq or Karl Rove once during the show--nor did I look at the counter on the DVD player to see how much time was left on the movie, which is very rare indeed. A magnificent film. Keep some hankies nearby.

Even American blue bloods have whack-job relatives. Here it's Jackie Bouvier's aunt and cousin who live in a sprawling Hawthornian manse, overgrown with weeds and over-run by cats and raccoons. I found the film interesting, but the subjects are as annoying as they are fascinating--be forwarned.