Monday, July 25, 2005

Dude, Where's my Cyanide?

I really must start mixing up the Netflix queue--too often the maudlin films clump up. The Sea Inside is an "issues" film, featuring the true tale of a quadriplegic advocate of legalised euthenasia who's looking for someone to help him die. Ramon Sampedro's brilliant and funny but also kind of a selfish jerk, which helps make his case for him. Were I his long-suffering brother, I'd be stuffing a pillow in Ramon's mouth instead of putting up with the bullshit.

I'm being facetious, and shouldn't be. This is a well-directed film--very beautifully done--and the leads are simply grand. I think the treatment of euthenasia as a controversial issue is a bit more complex and interesting here than in Million Dollar Baby, because at times it looks like Roman Sampedro is seeing that he does have reasons to live, and yet his determination to kick off never wavers.

Again with the hankies.