Monday, July 25, 2005

A Pleasant Sunday

We began with the always worthwhile lunch buffet at Kumari in Mt. Vernon, then walked south to see The Essence of Line at The Walters Art Museum. A good show, but I really enjoyed The Pearls of the Parrot of India. Nothing perks me up like a good illuminated manuscript, and the Walters' propensity to display their copies of precious works before re-binding them makes me very happy indeed. Their Khamsa is spectacular--the beautiful illustrations demonstrate the vital artistic influences of Tibet, Persia, China, and Europe in 16th century Indian illustration. Each page features a variety of styles: European figures, Tibetan demons, Chinese mountains, Middle Eastern decorative motifs...

From The Walters we went to ArtScape (and ran into the Earl of Pembroke who was following our same path but in reverse). There were some rather good potters and printers present, and a troupe of incredibly beautiful Brazilian carnival dancers made my day. We happened to be passing by Mt. Royal Station just as Jah Works were getting started, and hung around for 45 minutes as the crowd began passing dutchies, much to the chagrin of Balto's finest.

Now, I'm back at the Liberry, and suffering. I sprained my right ankle Saturday, and have developed an enormous painful blister on my left heel. Two of the many curses of regular running.