Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Office Space

It's not unusual for The Aunties at Cook Liberry to be in a tizzy about something, but I know the situation must be dire if I'm unable to avoid their urgent whisperings in my hidey-hole office.

On July 22nd some 'consultants' are touring the Liberry and meeting the Liberry staff; said consultants are supposed to observe workflow and organization and make assessments about the direction of Cook and the necessary skills of its future director. I take this in stride, coming from years of retail management. Some of the Aunties, however, are freaked out. Will there be layoffs? Will the 'consultants' mysteriously know that everyone here looks at 'blogs and plays games 20 hours/week?

One rumor: a more "professional" dress code. This always made me laugh at Borders; the idea of making employees who spend much of their day genuflecting while shelving, pushing carts around, unloading trucks--making them wear dress pants and ties is plain foolish. Here at the Liberry the same silliness abounds; why should I wear a button-down shirt and dress pants at the Service Desk when la plupart of our patrons have their thongs and asscracks visible over their PJ bottoms?