Thursday, July 21, 2005

Squeal Like a [fascist] Pig, Boy

Oh, sweet Virginia, there just may be a Santa Claus!

When you overturn a soggy log in the deep forest, all kinds of sundry unsavory specimens, unaccustomed to the light of day, begin to panic and scamper off. I think Mr. Fitzgerald has overturned the mother of all rotten logs!

What will Bush do? He can't very well fire the man who put him there--if Rove starts squealing the way most backstabbing double-dealing cowards do when exposed, then unpleasant truths may surface about FL'00 and OH'04/Diebold/Halliburton/Abu Ghraib/Gitmo/Rathergate, etc. But Bush also can't not fire Rove if he's to have any credibility at all.

Perhaps he'll pull a Poppy Bush and pardon everyone before they can go to trial or testify as witnesses in other trials?

W. is hoping for an early Rapture, that's for sure!

In light of all this, I'm beginning to believe the late Mr. Hatfield about Rove...