Thursday, July 07, 2005

More Punchin' Judy

Billmon effectively presents the intricacies of the case, and makes the correct determination:

When I read Miller's little speech, I'm afraid something snapped. Fuck journalistic principles. I was glad Judge Hogan locked the bitch up -- I only wished he'd thrown the key away. And since we're dealing with a critical national security threat here -- after all, there's a traitor running around the White House making things easier for nuclear terrorists -- it occurred to me that a few stress positions might be in order for a high value detainee like Miller, or maybe a little of the Fear Up Harsh approach -- with a nice lemon chicken dinner afterwards, of course.

This is a difficult case to puzzle out logically as opposed to emotionally, much like when Rush Blimpaugh got busted for his Oxy-contin habit. I was troubled to feel glee at someone's addiction, but justified my reaction because of Rush's hypocrisy on the issue. Now we've got a journalist locked up for protecting an anonymous source--a position I support and would normally admire--but Judy is not taking the fall out of regard for high moral principals, she's taking it to appear a martyr when in fact she's a lapdog for the neo-cons who've used her to hijack US foreign policy. Fuck her.