Sunday, April 10, 2005

Signs of hope

I watched This Week this morning before work and noted how calm, cool, and calculated Dick Santorum[R-Pa] was. He even hinted there might be something to the DeLay ethics charges. So different from the rabid "man on dog" vitriol this lunatic fringer usually spews.

Santorum and Christie Todd Whitman were both elected when I was living in Philly as a grad student. Now that Christie Todd is out flogging her book about whackjobs taking over her party, I'd like nothing more than to see one of the biggest of those whackjobs lose in '06--Santorum himself!

I think the Right is where the Left was a bit more than 10 years ago: corrupt, confused, drunk with power, and about to fragment and lose its stranglehold. If Santorum is not breathing fire out of fear he's misjudged the electorate, if Chris "One of Us!" Shays is jumping ship, if DeLay's cronies are going to put a cap in his ass, while the Majority Leader himself launches a desperate offensive, we could be in good shape in '06 indeed. Especially with the poll numbers for Congress and the Bushies right now.