Thursday, April 21, 2005


Inexplicably, I know all about this pathetically sad horseshit from CNN/MSNBC/FOX News this morning, but I haven't heard anything about this.

Must I be informed every time our spiritually adolescent citizenry sees God manifested in pita bread, cheese sandwiches, windows, and tortillas? I mean, that current stain passing for the Holy Mother of God reminds me of pee-stains on cement foundations; the construction crew I used to work for left a bevvy of such beer-soaked saints and all the apostles daily because our boss was too cheap to get us a Jiffy John. Nobody worshipped that shit.

Why does the press ridicule UFO sightings and abduction claims while giving this side-show valuable air-time? At least with the UFO crowd we get the (apologies to Wonkette) pleasure of anal probes.

Edit As if on cue, bigfoot returns!