Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Quarterly Dividends

I managed to earn $225 in Amazon GCs this quarter (some from sales through here, some from credit card reward programs), and I bought a bunch of shit I don't need but really wanted, like the six-volume Trask translation of Casanova's History of My Life (a book impossible not to enjoy), the latest Ian McEwan, and the newest by my favorite horror writer Ramsey Campbell. Here's a snippet from his Acknowledgements page:

In March 2000 I went to work full-time at the Cheshire Oaks branch of Borders. Most of my friends were shocked that I needed to take a job other than writing, though Poppy Z. Brite sent several enthusiastic emails...In the months I worked at the shop I made quite a few friends and conceived this book out of my experience. What more could I ask?

I just saw Ramsey as a commentator on The 100 Scariest Movie Moments a few weeks back. His last couple of novels have been superior, after a four- or five-book downturn. His novel Incarnate is perhaps the best-written supernatural story I've read outside of M.R. James.