Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nothing to report

Nothing particularly interesting today. I woke up, ran 3.5 miles, and went to work where I checked my email to find the usual two dozen messages questioning the size of my unit, offering me cheap meds, and pretending to be from people I know. Cha and I met at Kyodai for dinner and between us ate enough chum to satisfy a Florida shark storm. Man, oh man, that roll with the lump crabmeat, tempura shrimp, and salmon, tuna and avacado--Jeebus!

Conniption just stopped in and we shot the shit for a while: so good to talk religion, sex, beer, music, martial arts, politics, and books--all in 45 minutes!

Yesterday I was having a strange dream about worms, then Cha woke me up to tell me she needed worms for her elementary school art class and asked where to buy them, and I told her to dig them out around the composter, and then at work my student assistant kept showing me a kid's book featuring worms as characters, and finally when I got home after work Cha told me all her worm stories from school that day.

Any Jungians out there wanna help me with this shit?

Through the "Next Blog" button I found a site where teenagers in a church abstinence program supported each other by blogging about their hormonal urges and how important it is not to masturbate or succumb to physical needs. One of the entries bemoaned the fact that women couldn't have "wet dreams" like men. I should've saved the link.

Hey--the Dark Side of JPII.