Sunday, April 24, 2005


A weekend filled with friends and conversation--Friday I spoke to Julio for more than 2 hours on the phone; we had one of those far-reaching discussions we've been having for more than 20 years. We talked about becoming adults, meditation practise, writing and painting, music, aesthetics, identity theory, bong hits, etc. Then Friday eve, Yahtzee (who just turned 36--goodness) showed me his new Volvo (very swank) before clobbering Stewie and me at Risk again. When I got back home at 2am Kw'ali and Klezma and Virginia Monologues and The Seoul Shiksa and duChamp and Cha were all singing in the living room and having a karaoke party. Only one of them was a good singer.

Saturday we had the good fortune to hang out with Conniption and Double-Engine, and not only to hang out but to go out for drinks and then dinner (hooray for reliable baby-sitters!). We had a great time, and I felt mysteriously adult sitting in Grand Cru with my Chimay Ale talking about whatever. Double Engine has a friend who knows the owner of a joint in Fell's Point she recommended--we found it and ate and drank some more and Conniption was having too much fun in the restroom.

I realized when we got there that I hadn't been to Fell's Point for a beer in many a year...since the Parker's Pub days! Judging by the quality of Birches, we may have to stop hanging in Towson and Mt. Vernon all the time.