Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Warren Commission

I'm kind of amused by all the talk about Obama "selling out" the Left by picking centrists/conservative Dems for his cabinet, etc.

Has anybody actually read the guy's books? He's not particularly Left himself, for goodness' sake. He never was. And yes, many of his picks are more conservative than he is, but I don't mind a President who surrounds himself with opposing viewpoints. We've had 8 years of total alignment of opinion in the White House: shit don't work!

But hiring Rick Warren to do the invocation at Obama's inaugural is a bit too much even for a jaded old cynic like me to bear. The only thing Warren invokes for me is retching; he can couch his bigoted hate speech in New Age tenderness--it's still bigoted hate speech.

Cha's been pressing me to go to DC for the Inauguration, and I've been saying no because I didn't want to take off work in order to get stuck somewhere between B'More and DC in a crush of traffic and miss it anyway. Even after B'more City Schools decided to close that day, I was still reluctant, but was thinking perhaps we should give it a shot.

Now I'm definitely not attending.

You know what to do HERE.


Nick said...

Singed, sealed, delivered G.

Also, if you get a chance, shoot me your new addy--to jearom"at"

for you know what.

Marc H said...

I couldn't be more shocked if you told me Al Jolson was doing the musical numbers.

Lets increase Warren's exposure and make sure the whole world takes interest in him and his soothing, cozy, fireside bigotry. This is the last thing we needed right now, after the sucker-punch that was Prop 8.