Monday, December 08, 2008

Day 20

Just one of those days! I slept well for a solid 7 hours--very rare any more. I got up and felt a bit groggy and grumpy about Monday, but big deal, right? You do what you gots to do, etc.

I went down to the kitchen to get my coffee. I have the machine set up each night before a workday so the coffee is ready for me when I arrive. I took the coffee and was thinking "I have to set it up for tomorrow" which I do every day in the morning and for some reason I poured the hot fresh coffee in the pot down the sink, then filled the pot with water and set up tomorrow's coffee. Then I turned to retrieve my coffee cup and realized what I'd just done.

Let's just say that set the tone for the whole day, and it set me back a good ten minutes in the AM.

"The kids are crazy on Mondays," long-time City teachers told me when I was a rookie (or when I was even more of a rookie, I guess I should say). "They been home and home ain't no good. It takes them until Wednesday to cool off. Then they gots to start worrying about being home again so they ramp up the craziness until it peaks on Fridays."

The kids were crazy today. But I've never really noticed a difference between days of the week. The differentiations in craziness are more of kind than degree. Monday is a more liberated lunacy, a wilding-out day--it is named for the moon, after all.

Even worse? We had our monthly staff meeting today. These teeter typically on the precipice of wholly unnecessary, but today's lunged straight off into that abyss. And instead of the usual hour it was 90 minutes long. 40 minutes of it was devoted to the Secret Santa program.


Casey said...

If you have to deal with those psycho kids, you absolutely should NOT, NOT, NOT have to fuck with Secret Santa meetings.

I can bust you out -- I've got some rope, a leatherman and a Toyoa Corolla. You say the word!

Anonymous said...

dumbass, wake n bake caused you to waste coffee! just not cool dude........

Nyarlathotep said...

I wish I had the opportunity for a wake n bake--not even an option now, unless the kids share.