Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 24

Day 24, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

The kids are amped up for Xmas break but for some reason they're coming to school. Thank Cthulu we only have Monday and Tuesday this week. I don't think I could make it otherwise.

Kids are pushing and throwing punches at faculty left and right. Strangely, they don't get suspended for these attacks--they should be GONE. I saw a boy try to throw a round-house at the female hall monitor today. Not outside my classroom, son. I hope he at least gets some time off.

It was 15 degrees this morning. Why couldn't we get some of that Saturday evening precip today? Just enough for a two-hour delay. Puhleeze, can we get something tomorrow? A water main break? Anything?

Woke this morning to the burglar alarm in our house. Freaked the shit out of us. We're in the bedroom on the third floor waiting for the alarm company to call, wondering what to do. The cops came and checked us out--apparently the strong winds this morning set off a lot of alarms around town. Then I got to school and 5-0 was crawling all over. Some fiends broke in and jacked all the cash out the soda and snack machines. The kids in my homeroom were like "Stupid fuckin' n*****s took the quarters and left the snacks. They could sell that shit too!" Then Mr. R the crotchety old cuss from the down the hall pulled me aside and said the exact same thing.

They got into the Main Office but didn't molest anything. They even left the computers alone. Courteous thieves.


Michael said...

I'm guessing shooting the water tower is completely out of the question? =)

fernie said...

I have a large pipe wrench. Can I help destroy a water main?