Sunday, December 14, 2008

on the changer

Not reading much, but listening to tons of new music:

Saw them open for Aimee Mann. Quite pleasant pop infused with psychedlia. Every song is about love or kissing or whatever. They're on the iPhones commercials.

Good stuff. The French first lady is much much more than just a pretty face (et beaucoup plus que seulement les jolies fesses aussi!).

Anyone who's ever worked at Borders may cringe understandably at the thought of Putumayo discs--but these collections are quite good.

Quite peculiar electronica merged with traditional Asian music. At times meditative, at other cacaphonous.

If you love Einstein on the Beach, hell yeah! Otherwise, run away! I fall into the former category.

Another clever melange of pop and psychedela. Doubt this will last more than a couple years in the collection, but interesting and engaging.

Not all tracks on this LP are great--but five truly are. Songs in the tradition of late-60's/early '70s Bowie, with a guitarist quite good at aping Mick Ronson. And Shinghai? That is, hands down, the greatest voice in rock history. I mean, she's got a special something. When she masters those pipes I expect spectacular things. And she can play bass and guitar like a mofu too.

Buy this on iTunes. It's great. Move over, Ryan Adams.

My students like this too.

I'm surprised how much I like the Ting-Tings. My students, strangely enough, also like them a lot.

An honest well-produced country album, reminiscent of 70's Emmylou Harriss but sung in softer, clearer voice. My students DON'T like this.

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