Sunday, December 14, 2008


Many of my fondest memories from Temple University--where I received an MA in English in the early mid-'90s--are of basketball games. The Owls were nationally ranked at the time, and with players like Eddie Jones, Aaron McKie, Rick Brunson, and Derrick Battie (who was in one of the first writing classes I ever taught) the games were always exciting.

One of the least exciting games I saw, however, featured a young behemoth named Rodney Rogers, who decimated the Owls one Sunday with his Wake Forest co-horts. As a Terps fan, I always liked the ACC, so didn't mind their dismantling of the home team that day. I think Rogers scored 35 points and sat out much of the 2nd half.

So I read with great sadness what happened to Rodney Rogers recently in today's Times. I may not follow sports any more, but this is a tragic story with a wholly undeserving victim.

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Swanksalot said...

especially since Rogers sounds as if he was a "good dude", i.e., not a pretentious schmuck with too much money.