Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 18

My job is crazy. I don't think about it for a while and then suddenly it will sink in when I'm shouting "Sashay, why are you up on that chair?" or "Devon stop putting chalk into the pencil sharpener!" or when a 12-year-old is threatening to "snuff" me for throwing him out of my class when he doesn't belong there.

My job is crazy. I mean looney tunes. I wish everybody in America could come to my school tomorrow and just hang out with me for 20 minutes. How long would everybody in America last in that building? If everybody in America really knew what it was like the problem would get fixed tomorrow. This shit is unConstitutional. Nobody should have to go to school under these circumstances, and I include faculty under the umbrella "nobody." Nobody in the world should ever have to send their kids into a public school system this fucked up, and we mandate it by law that parents do just that.

Just listening to the stories kids tell each other makes me want to curl up and hide somewhere. K-show was telling her peeps this story today: "We was playing over the summer and these boys came down looking for Duracell's cuzzins. He like 'dag, I'm serious, yo, who lookin' for my cuzzins' and this boy pops him in the eye, and Duracell picks up a piece of fence like a pipe and smacks him the in face. They all stomp this boy until his friend comes and starts shooting and everybody runs home but the boy died 'cause they beat him too much. Now everybody like 'Hey Duracell you got your first body!' and Duracell like 'naw, I ain't kilt that n*****, that boy trying to save him shot him by accident. Shoulda kilt the bastad tho, muthafucka tryin' to knock me out.'" And K-show and her girls are all laughing about the story because it's so funny.

I have to listen to this and continue teaching class. I'ma start taking Maker's Mark to work in my Thermos.

JJ was back in school after 2.5 weeks of suspension. True to form, he started busting on my clothes, my hair style, my shoes. I said "I'm a going to call your Uncle again" and he said "I don't care." I said "JJ you failing my class. You have a 2.3 percent!" and he said "Bitch, I don't care. I failed all my classes last year and the year before and they passed me. I'ma fail your fuckin' class too and they gonna pass me again. Shit if I need to do work."

My job is crazy.


Nick said...

No comments for a while...
...yet what can I say, as I sit here in relative safety and sanity?? Thanks? But I am reading and still loving your posts.

Nyarlathotep said...

Man, I miss y'all. How'd life get so busy?

Casey said...

My God. I just never even know what to say. I can't believe this is our society. And I really can't believe a swell fella like yourself is in the line of fire.

Nick said...

It's all the work you're doing! We're busy but not 'busy' busy like you are. At least I get to read what you're up to--for all you know I could be rumblin' in the jungle with L. Ron Hubbard and sportin' a t-back nowadays.