Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 25

Kids say the darnedest things:

"Mr. G--is it true the guys who work at Dominoes bust off in the pizzas?"

"I'm serious. They keep packing me I'm a go home, smoke a blunt, and come back in this joint raging. I ain't playing no more."

"Them bitch ass Ravens is triflin'. Dallas gonna shit purple next Monday."

"I'm sick of that Obama. He ain't done shit but talk since he President."

"Why we gotta listen to that white people music?" (I was playing N.W.A.)

"You writin' my name on the board for being late? Bitch, I bet when you be late you ain't writin' your own name up in that shit."

"I can't tuck in my uniform shirt. It makes my midsection feel strange."

"Why we gotta read so much in Language Arts class?"


Designerd said...

I'm sick of that Obama too. And Dallas is CERTAINLY going to Shit Purple next monday!

Nick said...

Number one is absolutely true. Chicken salad.