Monday, August 18, 2008

Panic sets in

Heading in to school this morning. We're not officially due back until tomorrow but I want to get my room assignment and see the space I'm working with. I have to hit Target and Staples and buy all the things no longer supplied by school systems, like paper, pencils, box fans, folders, book cases, mace, etc.

There will be no mentor in the classroom with me this time around. It's all on me. "The horror. The horror." But I'm kind of excited too. There's always a chance I'll be good at it and things will go smoothly and my kids will be awesome. More likely I'll be shagged out and cynical about the system and the kids' chances within a month or two. We'll find out soon.

Word has it I'm teaching 7th grade this year. Woo-hoo.

1 comment:

fernie said...

Body armor and a stun gun would be good additions to your list of things for back to school. I'll be saying my prayers!