Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 2

I just spent three hours making an autobiographical movie on my laptop for tomorrow's lesson, and then I deleted it accidentally and had to start again. Oh, well.

I had to intervene when an 8th grader (who tried to stab a classmate with a knife last year) grabbed one of my sixth graders around the neck in the hall. Funny how the worst behavior problems I have were because of the victim of this attack. Once I bailed him out he went from "Mr. G trifflin'" to "Mr. G, can you walk me to the front door?"

Never fear, that kid will put another airplane in my ceiling tomorrow. But I will win him over, and his table of ruthlessly chatty compatriots.

I'm starting to have fun, but I am overwhelmed with work.


ellen cherry said...

you are amazing dude. hang in there. you ARE doing great and necessary work.

Alicia said...

See sixth graders aren't so bad...at least not the boy...girls on the hand I find can be much more evil at that age. :)
In the NYT yesterday there was an article about a principal of a NYC public school combating bullies, and how she was putting up no bullying posters every where, and how they would try and help the kids by avoiding the bullies. It's a completely different reality they are living in. "Bully-free zone" Posters? Completely different.