Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 1

Nothing much to report. Most of the problems today were due to the adults in the building--scheduling snafus, crazy lack of communication, last minute tasks dumped on homeroom teachers which should have been handled last week.Some examples:I had no rosters for my classes.I had no homeroom roster until this morning.I have no IEPs for my students.I was told at 8:05 to send my kids to gym twice today because the schedule was wrong and they had no "B" elective set up for them. When my kids got to gym they were sent to art, then sent back to gym, then many of them returned to my room during my second period class asking where to go, obviously sad and frustrated.I had to take my homeroom group again during my last class because of another scheduling snafu. My last period class was a bunch of jerks and I had a huge management headache and on top of this I had to watch two classes at once.There is no drinking water in the building. The dispensers were empty, the fountains were shut last year because of lead, and there are no vending machines. The temp outside was above ninety in B'more today, inside the Book it was like a terrarium.I'm pooped. I didn't sleep at all last night. I have a half-assed plan for tomorrow but already I'm behind on paperwork and planning because of goofiness. Tomorrow my planning time is being gobbled up by pointless meetings, so I'll be staying after school again. Hopefully the schedule is fixed by then.My first two classes were pretty sweet. I had some talkers, but that's no biggie. That last class will be a headache, however. I need to nail them down quick. I promised six youngsters phone calls home for their behavior but it turned out the phone numbers I have for them don't work. Tomorrow I'm keeping those kids after school for detention until I get working phone numbers for them.

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And he lived to tell about it! Yeah!