Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4

I thought I was doing pretty well, having only intervened to prevent one fight in three days. Ha! Day 4 saw me intervene in three fights, one between girls in my typically calm first period, and another two during oft-chaotic period four. But other than that things went rather smoothly. I think when I put Mr. East Baltimore against the wall using only the palm of my hand and pinned him there I sent a message to the rest of the wanna be munchkin thugs in that class: Mr. G go hard. Of course I slammed him into the nice cushy bulletin board so he was in no danger of harm. Next time he makes his table mate cry and tries to choke him I will dangle his ass out the window.

Period 4 lined up backs to the wall before I let them sit today. I called them one by one to get their folders and take their seats. They all did at least part of their classwork today, and they wrote apologies to the principal for their behavior yesterday. I think I am winning respect from some of the clowns in that class. I can tell because they stop glaring at me and they start asking me what kinds of movies I like, and if I ever coached football.

Period 2 is still in honeymoon mode. No problems at all. I know their time will come. They haven't seen me blow my stack yet. We read about volcanoes and one of their warm-up options was "Some people are described as having a 'volcanic temper.' What do you think that means." Several students used me as an example.

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