Wednesday, August 20, 2008

not quite Back to School

This morning we had a professional development session at Morgan State. The speaker was right about everything she said but nothing she said was new or interesting or particularly clever or illuminating. Much of it had to do in fact with how great she was, how much she had accomplished, and how wonderful her son and mother were. I left early and strolled around the fine museum in the Murphy Fine Arts Center. I went home and loaded all the stuff for my classroom into my car and then drove to my school as instructed yesterday.

The hapless souls in the office told me that they understood we were told to report to the school, but said that room assignments and schedules were not available yet.

"I have a ton of stuff in my car, and this is the second time I've come here and been turned away. I'm going to have to go home and unload all this stuff again because I can't leave it in my car on Whitelock overnight." Saying this I knew the people to whom I was speaking were not responsible. "I'm down to two days' time to set up my classroom and start planning for next week. I don't even know WHAT GRADE I'M TEACHING YET. The fewer hours of prep I get the less I can serve my kids."

"We think language arts teachers are supposed to go to another professional development at City College this afternoon, but we're not sure," I was told. "We know the principal told you different, but he wasn't told until this morning."

Yada yada yada. I called my buddy Dre over at another school and he's like "Dude, they gave us our schedules and room assignments last year. I moved in and set up last week."


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