Friday, June 06, 2008

unexpected house guests

Being married to Cha is always surprising. After almost 14 years of nuptial bliss, and four previous years of sinful cohab, she still manages to bring out new material.

Yesterday she called me and said we had unexpected house guests for two nights this weekend. I figured a cousin or sibling was in town on short notice, but no. We are hosting a three-member Japanese drum troupe Friday and Saturday. They're performing at Cha's huge fund-raiser event at Center Stage this Saturday and need a place to crash. Previous variants of this routine include the old "honey, the president of San Francisco's City Council is staying over this weekend. Can you entertain him for a couple days?" Or "the Green Party presidential candidate is staying tonight. He wants to know can he borrow your Philip K. Dick paperbacks?"

So Friday night I have a gig and I'll be tied up at Mick O'Shea's until 3am. Cha will be there too, and says she's bringing the Japanese with her. Saturday we'll both be working the Center Stage gig until after midnight. The drummers are performing there for a little while and then they'll need a place to go.

I guess we'll just give them our house key and leave them to their own devices. Hate to be bad hosts, but it's a crazy weekend coming up.

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fernie said...

Dad and I thought we come for the weekend. Got room?