Monday, June 09, 2008

The end is nigh

We had two students show today. They helped clean off dry-erase boards and sweltered in the hot room with us. Over 100 degrees today. Thank God the kids only had a half-day anyhow.

8th grade graduation tomorrow in the auditorium is going to be a sweaty mess.

I packed books and pushed desks and chairs into piles in the corner. Then they closed the school for teachers due to heat and we went to Chipotle. Tomorrow we wrap everything up for the 8th graders and after that it's simply packing up and cleaning until Friday. Then, a couple months of glorious freedom.

One of the fashionistas made a poster for Lukie. It had a drawing of me in the corner. A huge speech balloon over my head said: "Yo, I'm Mr. G. BE QUIET!" Over a drawing of Lukie the speech balloon said: "Don't talk about my big sloppy booty."

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alicia said...

We just got finished watching season 4 of the wire. I really feel like I know a little more about what you went through. Your kids crack me up.

Enjoy your summer! You deserve it, and come up to NYC anytime.