Thursday, June 26, 2008


The first season of the new BSG was excellent, the second season was pretty good, and the third season continued the erosion of my opinion from superlative through unenthusiastic positive and into "whatever." Friends and I used to watch Days of Our Lives at the pizza place in college because the opportunities for clever and contemptuous derision were hard to resist (and because of Kirsta Allen). Some of the episodes of BSG III approach that degree of stupidity. Increasingly the show suffers from the time-honored traps of sci-fi TV: three familiar characters and a nobody end up on the planet's surface. Gee--I wonder who will get blown away by Cylons? More than a third of the episodes in season III are true turkeys, and the grand finale is as ridiculous as anything involving Billie and Sami and Victor Kiriakis. I'm tired of the love interest plot-lines, the identity tricks, and New Agey spirituality. And I'm sure I'll be complaining about season IV too.


brad said...

Woah! Such blasphemy. BSG is the greatest thing ever.

Swanksalot said...

I think my enjoyment of serial television is much different when i don't watch several in a row (such as one does with a DVD set). When you see three hours in a row, the sameness glares, the repetition becomes annoying, and all the minor plot points that you half-forget when you go a week or two between viewings, those irritations become more obvious. I have SciFi channel in HD (for my job, of course, even as a tax write-off), so am able to still retain my love for BSG.

I rented a disc of a season of Arrested Development, and couldn't get past a couple of episodes. When it was on tv, I couldn't wait, yadda yadda.

Nyarlathotep said...

I absolutely refused to watch more than one a night, even when the Mrs. was pushing for a second episode. I wanted to stretch it out and make it last. We flew through the Wire and Deadwood too quickly.

I wouldn't bother nit-picking the show if I didn't like it and have high expectations. But some of the episodes were just lame (the miner strike? the Helo episode with the genocidal doc?). There was more "filler" in season 3, wherease season 2 seemed to jump too quickly through a colonization/Cylon takeover/occupation.