Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, snap

So the principal who hired me away from Booker T. has 'un-hired' me. "I over-hired and didn't realize it," she said.

Uh, I backed out of a good high school job because you offered me a firm contract. D'oh. Now I'm fucked.

So this morning to avoid getting sent just anywhere in the Baltimore School System I re-signed at Booker T. Looks like my time there ain't over yet.

West Side Forever, beeyotches!


Silenus said...

your name gonna ring out

Heather said...

Ugh, that's horrible. Yet totally unsurprising for the Baltimore City school system. I have yet to hear about a single thing they've done correctly.

alicia said...

it's a conspiracy, they wanted to keep you at Booker T. at any cost.

Nyarlathotep said...

You just finished Season IV--the kid who "solves" the math problem by decoding Prezbo's "dinks" on the chalkboard was a student of mine this year.

And the prison knife-fight? Filmed in our cafeteria.

Of course the Step It Up Disney movies were also filmed at Booker T.

Maybe I can get my big Hollywood break staying there.

Swanksalot said...

That sucks, man. How does one 'over-hire'? Sounds suspicious to me.

Casey said...

Dude, karma's got some business with you and that school.

Earth Dragon said...


Frankly, I smell a breach of contract.

That's so totally messed up, it's not even funny.

I know you're not the litigious type (neither am I), but you might want to have a conversation with a legal-minded type person.