Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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The callouses are in good shape! Been playing a lot of guitar lately, for obvious reasons. Hope the hard work pays off Friday. Gulp.

Today I was listening to Sabbatum, which is a recreation of several Black Sabbath tunes as medieval chant in Latin. It's amazingly awesome. While I was listening I thought about how much I used to love Black Sabbath when I was a teen. I listened to that stuff with my headphones on for hours, digging that cavernous sound. I learned a lot about guitar solos listening to Tommy Iommi. Then I thought about Sabbath post-Ozzy, and the album

And I thought: I haven't listened to that in ages. I downloaded it from iTunes for $7, which is probably what I paid for my vinyl copy 25 years ago. The album is awesome. There are only a couple clunkers. It's a bit more '80s than Sabbath's early stuff, of course, and often sounds like Black Sabbath via Rush or Uriah Heep or Scorpions. I'm digging the shit out of it--perhaps nostalgia?

Also great:

Can't get enough Aimee Mann. Dave Eggers has a guest appearance and whistles.

Heard this on the radio a lot last year, then got a jones for it after they stopped playing the tunes. Another $7 iTunes download.

Awesome awesome awesome.

Hell, yeah. A funky introducton to Tribe Called Quest.


Michael said...

Beer! Beer shall stave off your pre-gig jitters.

Swanksalot said...

I don't remember where I first heard of the Rondellus album, but I was just listening to it too, and I still love it. Probably helps to have listened to Black Sabbath for so many years, just like you did.

Somewhere in New York (I think), some town named a street for Ronnie James Dio. I had this album on cassette, but never replaced it. I'll have to look on the inter-tubes.

Oh, and I love that Tribe Called Quest album. There's a 33 1/3 book on it that I'll read in a bookstore one afternoon (they're short books usually).

Swanksalot said...

And break a leg (or fingernail, or whatever the appropriate well-wish is) at your gig. Just don't eat any of the brown acid. Stick with a few pints of beer (enough to be relaxed, not enough to turn into The Replacements)

Nyarlathotep said...

Thanks y'all. I vaccilate between extreme anxiety about fucking up and a peculiar eagerness to get up there and have fun. Eagerness has been dominant for a couple days.

I know where I first heard of the Rondellus album--B12 Partners!