Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'd heard about Woodward's auctions and how one could score great stuff cheap, but until yesterday I'd only shopped their consignment sections. After spending a Kafkaesque six hours at City school headquarters yesterday I went to their monthly auction in hopes of scoring a bookcase seen on their website.

Not only did I score that glass-front bookcase--a type most antique stores would charge $500 for--for a measly $85, but I also scored a gigantic ornate Nouveau double-wide bookcase for an appallingly cheap $95. I'd been planning to bid up to $200 on the single bookcase. And then I went nuts on stuff nobody else seemed interested in, like a three-piece Danish Modern bedroom set in marvelous condition, which I got for less than $90 total, and a small desk for $10, and two Danish Modern chairs for $5, and a marble-top corner table for $5. Gold jewelry and diamond rings and old coins went cheap, but I didn't even bid on that stuff.

I'm going again next month to get some rugs.


fernie said...

Dad and I would like to go! Sounds like fun. Do you need any bookcases now?

Anonymous said...

Let me know the date too bro! I need some library chairs. And a couple tables and some other stuff.