Friday, June 06, 2008

easily distracted

easily distracted, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Trying to get any teaching done at Booker T. is hard enough--but when it's the last full week of school? Fuggetabouddit.

We had "Fun Day" for the 8th graders yesterday, with outdoor sports and activities and free dogs and burgers and sodas (and police protection). It was a blast, despite the swampy B'more weather, and it was great to see troublesome gang-bangers and dealers and thugs and bullies smiling and acting like what they are: children.

Today was 8th grade graduation rehearsal. Lukie and I got to watch the kids who were denied the chance to walk the stage because of behavior problems. Many of these are my favorite kids. I had more fun with them than I would have had at the rehearsal.

I have more gray hairs after this year, but I will miss these kids, and I hope they all make it.

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Anonymous said...

at least you have windows...the York city High School does not have one window...looks like a prison.


see you tonight brother!