Friday, July 27, 2007

Pithy music blurbs

I adore this CD. Miller inhabits a kind of middle ground between the rough-and-tumble country rock of the Drive By Truckers and the more polished hard-driven songcraft of Steve Earle. As instantly appealing as Peter Case or Gillian Welch's stuff, the songs on Citation sound like they've been around forever. And, there's a kick-ass Neil Young cover.

I was floored by LaMontagne's debut LP Trouble. Till the Sun Turns Black is just as soulfoul, but takes a Nietzschean turn toward the dark abyss. "You can bring me flowers/when I'm dead and gone"--such dark lyrics sung over a shaky blues jazz groove in that expressive gravelly voice? Delicious.

A roots music record narrated by a world-travelling cat who claims friendship with Hank Williams. Fuckin' a. This here is the shit.

This album can't be thirty years old. It still pushes boundaries. I think this is fantastic, but my neighbors won't let me play it loud. Adventurous fractured jams.

Nod to Seth for the recommendations.

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