Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Broke down and saw The Simpsons movie last night. Pleasantly surprised by its subservsive silliness. I guess I was expecting it to be terrible, but it was rather good. Don't watch the show often any more, but have noted on the occasional Sunday eve the past couple of years that the series has regained some of its previously lost lustre. The movie is like one of the better recent episodes; it's not quite up to the glory days, but has several good laughs. The state of our politics gets a good razzing, Homer ruins the world through stupid arrogance but redeems his mistakes, Disney is targeted for a sound drubbing, and many Springfield cliches are revisited for long-time fans. Even the jokes that have been done before on the show are redone in new and engaging ways.

A puzzling lack of Mr. Burns in the plot. The villains this time come from Washington DC.

Many teens in the audience were likely born during the fourth or fifth season.

Went with K'wali and Klez, who doesn't understand parallel parking. They are leaving for Bermuda in a week. I asked if their package deal includes a trip via wormhole back to 1947, or an alien abduction with probing.

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