Monday, July 02, 2007

The Aftermath

The Aftermath II, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

The housewarming was Saturday, and everything is still a blur. At the beginning we were trying to give tours and to chat with everybody, but for about two hours there was an insane influx. I only very briefly saw each guest at that point, and fear some were left entirely to their own devices, for which I apologize. At one point I had to rush out to Hampden and buy ice. I only got photos of the first few guests and then was swept by several currents out to sea.

Thanks to everyone who came and wished us well. We appreciate the cards and the compliments, and to those who ignored instructions and brought gifts--you are too, too kind. Revenge, however, will be swift!

Around 6:30 or 7:00 things cooled down and we had a rotating crew of about ten people, some of whom stayed until 2am. Remarkably it was not unpleasantly hot, and we could sit outside and chat into the evening. A long day indeed.

I tried to get the Mrs. to let me cook lumpia before guests arrived, but she insisted on cooking them after the party started. This made it hard to be host and hostess, because one of us was perpetually attached to the fryer. At least for once it wasn't me! I suppose hot crunchy lumpia is better than warm crunchy lumpia.

There was a progression of adventurers who went onto the roof to look at the city skyline. Some got as far as third-floor base camp and didn't ascend to the peak; that final stage can be a bit harrowing. Others achieved the summit and planted flags.

Most of the food got eaten, which is great, but we still of course have leftovers galore. By some mysterious Wedding at Canaan process we started the party with 12 bottles of wine, and finished with 20. There is also more beer in the house now than before the party started. I'll not complain about that. Even our liquor stock multiplied.

There were injuries. Cha clobbered poor Eve with a refrigerator door, resulting in a rosey shiner. Eve, ever stalwart and intrepid, was unfazed, and tried to climb to the roof herself. "Steps!" she shouted, and mounted eagerly the clanky fire escape, Daddy in pursuit. Sion wrestled a watermelon under our dining room table and stood up, banging his head. Ouch. But he played on, undeterred. The Mayor and Mayoress of Reservoir Hill enjoyed his antics a great deal.

That was our first big bash since Halloween VIII at the old place. I think in future that smaller, more cozy affairs are the way to go.

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