Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look Maw! I grew a pair.

I devote approximately 10 minutes a week to cable TV 'news' anymore. Last night's ten minutes happened to coincide with the growth of Tweety's testicles. He brutally smacked down Rep. Steve King (R-IOWA) for lying about the Scooter Libby case, and for logical and ethical inconsistency. When King suggested the media had never even explained why Scooter was charged Matthews condescendedly sneered: "If you were paying attention you'd know, because anyone who watches TV or reads the paper knows what he lied about, and the President even admitted he was guilty." Tweety told King that "you didn't care about underlying crimes when Clinton was impeached," and that lying to investigators was sufficient then to qualify as a high crime. Matthews told King that he only cared when the other team lied, and that he was turning a blind eye to illegal acts committed by members of his own party.

A cable news talking head actually bothering to refute RNC talking points? WTF? This isn't my country.

I was a wee bairn during Watergate but now I's gots that same feeling of imminent collapse I had back then. Of course I also had that feeling during Iran-Contra, but a colluding group of legislative and executive branch conspirators made just enough noise to allow the major players their escape. I'm looking at you GHWB. And now your demon-spawn rushes us all over the cliff.

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