Monday, July 09, 2007

Nori Bucci

I've always found the dearth of women in the top rank of guitar-shredding rock soloists mystifying. Women of course can play any instrument as well as or better than any man, but can you name a top-tier rock or jazz guitar soloist off the top of your head who happens to be a woman? Likely not. There are very fine female slide blues players, country and folk finger-pickers, and ryhthm players, not to mention excellent female classical guitarists. But rock soloists of note are puzzlingly rare. I recall seeing Natalie Merchant do "Carnival" off her Tigerlily LP on SNL years ago. She had a female guitar soloist who was exceptionally good named Jennifer Turner.

Check out the chops on this young lady. Look at that spider-like left hand. Musically this kind of jazzy rock fusion stuff isn't my bag anymore, but Nori Bucci's got mad skills.

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