Sunday, October 09, 2005

Top Notch

Re: The Wire


I got the first three discs from Netflix on Thursday, and watched the last of those 8 hours last night. An excellent show--not once did I know where it was going, not once was I bored or sneering at cop show cliches. We follow all sides in Baltimore's complex War on Drugs, including the corrupt political machinations that hamper good police work.

It's fun to see actual "hard life" locals mix it up with Center Stage veterans (a few of the actors were driving me nuts, including the one who plays Orlando. I'm like "I know that guy, who the fuck is he?" Then I rememered him from several Shakespeare and August Wilson roles). All the leads are very appealing and very real.

Also outstanding! This time Mr. Parks takes on classic horror films from The Were-Wolf to King Kong. Pitch-perfect humor, endearing characters, mind-blowing animation--and saucy double-entendres to boot! Twice as good as Chicken Run.

Beware, however, the penguin short leading in. It sucks; I watched three Tex Avery Droopy Dog cartoons Saturday on TCM--perhaps that jaded me against this pixelated rubbish.