Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ravi Oli

Julio called Friday because he'd scored an extra ticket to see one of my heroes at the Meyerhoff. Of course I have to work. I'm hoping tonight that I can get my graduate assistant to cover Thursday night--in exchange I'll work her shift Sunday (resulting in a 12-hour day, but it would be worth it). If Yu-Chen can't cover perhaps an Aunty will step up?

I have probably 12 Shankar CDs, including one of Anoushka's (I played the hell out of West Meets East on vinyl as well). Her gifts are extraordinary, on perhaps a par with papa's when he was a student--she's the more talented daughter, after all (sorry, Ms. Jones). This is the music of the galactic, the sound of equinoctical procession, eternity made manifest. I hope I can go!

[Image courtesy BBC]