Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Promethea Unbound

I'm not a big comics guy--not because I think they suck, but because I simply never caught the bug. I read lots of Family Circus and Peanuts as a kid, and my Grandmother Godfrey always gave me her hand-me-down issues of Mad Magazine, which I adored. I also managed some EC Horror comics when I could smuggle them past my Evangelical relatives, but I'd until recently only ever read a single comic, which I received as a Xmas gift from someone who didn't know any better: The Dark Knight Returns.

Faulty Landscape has been pushing Alan Moore for a while now, and K'wali added his two cents when he saw I was reading books on the Qabbalah, and said I should give Promethea a try. I did, and I liked it fine. The layered narrative, the mythic background story, Moore's interesting use of the Western esoteric tradition (including the Tarot and Qabbalah and astrology and Madame Blavatsky etc) all add up to an interesting superheroine. Moore's got a sly sense of humor, and pokes fun at things I hate, like Ally McBeal, which adds to the enjoyment. The artwork engaged me as well--I used to like looking at every detail in Mad Magazine, and Promethea brought that pleasure back--without the Sergio Aragones marginal doodles, alas.

I've only read Book I, which contains the first six comics. More on the way from Amazon...